Thunderbolt Video Devices

Thunderbolt offers premier I/O for video production purposed. Its 10 Gbps bandwidth in combination with dual channel connectivity is ideal for the transfer and playback of high definition video and audio files. Some manufacturers already produce PCIe video accessories, that (given the proper research and development) should make their way into compatible Thunderbolt video peripherals. Other companies have began production of Thunderbolt video accessories entirely based around the ports high speed connectivity.

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 3D

3D Thunderbolt capture and playback for SDI, HDMI and analog video. The UltraStudio 3D is capable of handling uncompressed high definition video files for editing and production purposes. Not only can the UltraStudio 3D offer 1080p HD used in film studios and movies, its power Intel Thunderbolt design support two stream of full-resolution video. Thunderbolt high speed I/O allows workstation class performance out of any T-bolt port equipped computers. This new Thunderbolt interface design permits larger workflows, high bandwidth, and lower latency. 

Blackmagic UltraStudio 3D

One of the breakthroughs of modern video devices (and facilitated by the speed of Intel Thunderbolt) is support for 3D workflows. The UltraStudio 3D takes advantage of this technology by including a 1.4a HDMI interface as well as dual 3 Gbps HD-SDI connections for 3D capture and playback. Use the included software (Media Express) to create dual 3D workflows for left and right eye.

The Blackmagic UltraStudio 3D delivers high quality capture and playback for the highest quality video connections. Best of all, the video device is compliant with most NLE softwares (Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro) and editing programs (After Effects, Nuke, Photoshop), as well as previous generations of 3D devices.

Made from solid aluminum the UltraStudio 3D is the perfect video editing counterpoint to a MacBook Pro. Along with a HD display, and a few hours of edition, it is an excellent device for handling high def video workflows. The high-speed lossless Thunderbolt connection delves pixel-for-pixel climes of source files without any compression. 

Blackmagic Design's UltraStudio 3D

With is groundbreaking I/O, Thunderbolt is ideal for HD video implementation. The Black magic UltraSound 3D allows users to connect to most professional cameras, decks, and monitors. Withs its ability to instantly switch between SD, HD, and 2K formats (as well and and analog S-video component), this breakout box is ideal for post production and broadcast use. It also supports unbalanced and balance analog audio input/output.

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