Thunderbolt Hard Drives

Intel Thunderbolt drive

High performance SSD are among the first hard drives to be employed in Thunderbolt disk enclosures. Intel Thunderbolt defines high speed I/O with its dual channel 10 Gbps transfer rate. This serial data connection employs copper cabling to achieve faster transfer than most rack-mount fibre channel. Ideal for any high-speed computer peripherals, Thunderbolt excels in transfers massive amounts of data in little time (around 800 MB/s over sustained transfers). Since it's unveiling (and even before in some cases), tech companies have be rushing to produce external hard drive enclosures and other intel thunderbolt accessories capable of handling the high speed I/O. Thunderbolt drives are among the first Intel Thunderbolt peripherals to be designed, but with the 10 GBps bandwidth, T-bolt give professionals and consumers transfer rates nearly unattainable in the past.

LaCie Little Big Disk

Lacie Little Big Disk

Combining two of Intel's SSD drives (configured as a RAID 0 striped set) with the new Thunderbolt interface technology, Lacie designed the premier mobile hard-drive for large amounts of audio, video, or other data storage. Know for creating dependable computer accessories, LaCie intends to maintains its record of with this new lineup of mobile Thunderbolt HDDs. These devices feature two Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining multiple Little Big Disks (up to six HDDs total), or using in conjunction with a DisplayPort monitor. Its aluminum enclosure is not only protective and durable, but functions as a heat sink for the two solid state drives. LaCie is offering 3 models of Little Big Disk (a 240 GB SSD version, and 1 TB or 2 TB standard hard drive model) that each will deliver the high speed I/O promised by the Thunderbolt port. These Thunderbolt peripherals set the bar in high-speed mobile data storage; combing the capacity of what once took a rack-mounted server with the bandwidth of high-speed fibre.

Elgato Thunderbolt External SSD


Few devices for Thunderbolt have been described as portable. Larger Thunderbolt RAID Arrays are convenient for mass data storage, but have no place in a briefcase, nor a coffee table. The Elgato external Thunderbolt HD provides Macs with the opportunity to utilize the Thunderbolt technology's high-speed data transfer anywhere. By using solid state drives this Thunderbolt accessory is both compact and powerful. It's available in either 120 or 240 GB models, both of which function Thunderbolt bus power (i.e. requiring no power adapter). Unfortunately this external HD offers only a single Thunderbolt port. This means that other than placing it at the end of a line of Thunderbolt peripherals, the device cannot be used in a daisy chain. That being said, the Elgato Thunderbolt SSD outperforms any other portable storage device in transfer speeds.

Sonnet Fusion F2TBR

Sonnet Fusion F2TBR

Another external Thunderbolt hard drive enclosure based on SSD, the Fusion F2TBR delivers high speedI/O for any data storage. This Thunderbolt storage device combines 2 ultra fast 2.5-in solid state drives in a RAID 0 configuration. Transfer data at 640 Mbps and write at 430 Mbps; enough for hi-def video editing or playback. Two Thunderbolt ports permit  daisy chain capabilities of external Thunderbolt drives or devices. These T-bolt HDDs are just the beginning lineup of what will soon be a standard in high-speed storage.  

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