High Speed I/O Thunderbolt Port Adapters

Add extra ports or device support via simple Thunderbolt adapters. Based upon the PCIe protocol, the Thunderbolt port has no difficulty communicating with most computer peripherals.

Sonnet Allegro FW800 Thunderbolt Adapter

FW800 Adapter for Thunderbolt

Use the Thunderbolt interface to connect to FireWire 800 and 400 devices. Even deliver bus-power to drives and FireWire peripherals through the T-bolt adapter.

Sonnet Presto Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt Adapter

Ethernet Adapter for Thunderbolt

Add Gigabit ethernet connection to Thunderbolt computers. If you wish to share network connections without a router this device is excellent for adding an additional ethernet connection.

Promise Technology Fibre Channel Adapter for Thunderbolt


Add two 4GB fibre channels to a Thunderbolt computer with this bus powered Promise fibre adapter. Finally mount SAN volumes within Mac (eventually PC), through the powerful Intel Thunderbolt interface. The Promise SAN link fibre adapter provides high speed fibre connectivity to all Thunderbolt computers. This Thunderbolt accessory provides 1, 2, or 4 Gbps on each of its Fibre Channels. With the Promise SANLink Thunderbolt adapter every Mac with Thunderbolt is now capable of accessing the SAN.

Matrox Thunderbolt Adapter for Thunderbolt for MX02

Matrox MX02 Thunderbolt Adapter

The Matrox MX02 are a line of external I/O devices for editing media with various video programs (Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, among others). Its provides HDMI and analog I/O for Mac or PC by interfacing with PCI-express. Instead of immediately integrating Thunderbolt technology into their circuits, Matrox decided to develop a MX02 to Thunderbolt adapter. 

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